Drywall Installation

Here at King of Prussia Services we pride ourselves on our deep commitment to professionalism in our trade. One of the principle services we provide is drywall installation, which is one of the things we do best. We do it better than the local competition and for affordable rates using the most state of the art equipment and experienced technical knowledge. Serving King of Prussia, PA and the surrounding areas, we are here to help you impress your friends and neighbors with remarkable new drywall installation at your home, business or managed property. Our expert contractors are here for you every step of the way, from the design of your drywall to its installation.

Installation Process
At King of Prussia Drywall Installation, we have a traditional installation method that has worked over the years and continues to work extremely well. That is what years of experience will bring you, a steady hand. Our method is time tested, and we utilize it time and again while doing our job. We first figure out the exact dimensions of our job site to make sure and avoid power lines and other potentially dangerous or hazardous objects that we certainly do not want to damage. We then draw lines and use utility knives to trace the exact spot where the drywall installation is going to happen. After that, we place the drywall after adding the appropriate adhesive. Then the drywall is covered with some mesh tape, and then the drywall compound is applied. The last step is to paint.

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Right Tools for the Job
It’s really important to trust the experienced pros for all of your drywall needs. It is sort of a myth out there that you can just google how to do drywall and become an expert – or at least competent – overnight. This really is not responsible or safe, so do the right thing and go with your local drywall contractors who work are skilled, affordable, and will provide you with great quality work. How? Well, one way we achieve this is by bringing and using the right tools for the job. We use work gloves and high powered, industrial grade equipment. The certification we carry actually means a lot, and you can check out our photo gallery to see what a professional drywall job truly looks like.

Door Installation
We don’t only provide drywall services here at King of Prussia Drywall Contractors. In addition to the fully comprehensive drywall installation services that we are typically recognized for, we can also provide door installation services.  Here at our contractor shop, we know that having proper door services is a big deal. Getting a door properly on its hinges is something you should rely on the pros to do. As part of our drywall installation services, we also provide our clients with a full catalogue of door options to fit your style and color scheme. This is what we mean when we say our drywall services are fully comprehensive and guaranteed to make you satisfied.

Drywall vs. Sheetrock

A lot of people merge drywall and sheetrock. It’s OK. If you’re not in the business, why would you even need to know, right? Well, let us tell you! There is not an actual difference, although they do mean different things. Sheetrock, on one hand, is a registered trademark in the United States. It is a certain categorization of drywall, a brand name. Sheetrock is drywall; drywall is not necessarily sheetrock. Sheetrock was introduced over a hundred years ago in the US. It makes referenced to that specific trademarked material used for construction, whereas drywall is a reference to the method of doing the actual construction.